Pitture vernici ignifughe e intumescenti pittura vernice ignifuga e intumescente vernici per eternit amianto

Products certified for professional use

Fire retardant impregnating agents and fire retardant varnishes

Products certified in Euroclass classification

Wooden and parquet floors

Wooden furniture

Wooden ceilings

Wooden or MDF panels

Panels for exhibition stands

Intumescent paints

Paints certified to guarantee the fire resistance (R/REI/EI + minutes) of structures

Steel structures

Galvanized steel structures

Reinforced concrete structures

Prestressed reinforced concrete structures

Not load-bearing partition walls in blocks of brick and concrete

Walls in prefabricated panels

Beams and columns in laminated wood

Beams and columns in solid wood (fir/pine/larch)

Coatings for the reclamation of asbestos cement roofing

Coatings for the reclamation of asbestos cement roofing

Removal and disposal


Adhesives for industrial applications

Adhesive with ST polymer base, polyurethane adhesives, urea formaldehyde glues, hot melt glues and polyvinyl acetate adhesives