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Protection of load-bearing wooden structures and raising of fire resistance category to class R/RE/REI ____ .

The application schedule involves the following phases:

1) Preparation of surfaces
Check that the material to be protected is free of oily substances, grease, waxes, wax impregnating, pre-existing paints. Existing paint coats must be removed by sandblasting or by sandpapering with coarse grain and then fine abrasive paper at naked wood.
After this operation, in order to ensure maximum adherence of intumescent varnish on the support, carry out further cleaning using a dampened cloth with nitro thinner to remove completely from wood traces of wax.
It should be checked carefully that the humidity of the wooden materials to coated is less than the value of 12% in weight.
If the conditions of preparation above indicated are not respected, we don’t give any guarantee of durability of treatment.

2) Primer coat
Application of our product STARWOOD/W, an aqueous wood preservative, in the quantity of 80-100 g/m2 in order to impart properties of rot, mould and parasite resistance to the wood (the treatment should be done on naked wood). The product is furnished in transparent or pigmented version.
For wood rich of tannin such as chestnut, cherry, beech, oak, etc.. we advise our impregnating STARWOOD/W TAN to apply in amount of 80-100 g/m2. STARWOOD/W TAN is furnished in transparent or pigmented version.

3) FIREBLOCK® 2000/W
Application of several coats, separated by the time intervals specified by the relative data sheet, of FIREBLOCK® 2000/W intumescent varnish in the quantity of kg/m2 to establish in accordance with the structural characteristics and loading situations of the elements to protect and also in relation to the required degree of fire-resistance (R/RE/REI 30/60/90/120). The film thickness of FIREBLOCK® 2000/W to apply is established on the basis of tabular or analytical assessment and determined by the reference engineering office.
The FIREBLOCK® 2000/W can be applied by brush, roller or spraying in the amount of 200 g/m2 per coat.

4) Finish
When the FIREBLOCK® 2000/W varnish film is fully dry (after at least two days), the surface finish is completed if necessary by applying our chlorinated rubber finishing called STARGUM CLEAR (transparent), designed to impart anti-weathering and water-resistant properties to the intumescent protection. The recommended quantity to apply in one coat is 150 g/m2 equivalent to a dry film thickness of approximately 50/60 micron.

For all information that aren’t present in this specification for the application, look at data sheets.

The cost of the entire schedule for the primer, intumescent coat, and top coat, if required, is € ______ /m2, excluding the cost of application, scaffolding, sandblasting or preparation of the substrate.
The consumption for coat and the number of coats depend on the application system adopted and the type of wooden structure to be treated. The painter is advised to check consumption personally and to keep strictly to the prescriptions of our engineering office.
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